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Post Scarification Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Operative Wearing Full PPE, Applying a Herbicide Spray

What it does:

Scarification of a lawn is like making an omelette. You have to ‘crack some eggs’. But the result is worth it in the end. Scarification does make the lawn look a bit of a mess afterwards, however, what it does for the lawn makes it an important lawn treatment. To aid the recovery process and improve its appearance we have produced a post Scarification treatment. It does this by stimulating chlorophyll activity.

What the treatment involves:

This is a liquid micro-nutrient treatment.

Why you need it:

Scarification is an intrusive process that will do some damage to the grass in your lawn. After Scarification the lawn will look like ‘it’s been dragged through a hedge backwards’. This treatment helps the lawn look better, keeping the grass stable following Scarification and at the same time will suppress any lingering moss left in the lawn.


When is the treatment applied?

In almost every case the lawn will have this treatment immediately following the removal of the thatch waste from the lawn. However, it is not time-critical and could be applied within a few days.

Which treatment packages have this included in them

The Enhanced package has this treatment included and it will be offered for customers who have a Scarification treatment. Our Complete package is given our advanced StressBuster treatment. Why not check out what else they have included in them?

Which programme is this treatment included in?