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Bespoke Advice for a great lawn

The GreenThumb Offer

Welcome to your new Story Home.

Every Story Home has been designed to high specification and standards, including turfed gardens for you to enjoy.

Coupled with GreenThumb’s lawncare products, tailored and manufactured to our high specifications, based on millions of lawn treatments every year – you’re in the perfect position to have a beautiful lawn.

Working in partnership with Story Homes, we’d like to offer you an exclusive bespoke lawncare offer. As a new customer, we are offering a FREE premium product treatment, applied at the same time as your second treatment (depending on your lawn’s condition). The treatment is designed to fight back against extreme weather and keep your lawn looking its best, whatever the conditions might be - simply quote 'Story Homes' when you contact us. See the terms here.

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Working in partnership

When it comes to creating a beautiful lawn, we are proud to be the first choice for over a million people across the UK. Therefore, many approach GreenThumb wishing to collaborate, including Story Homes.

Our aspirations and values align with Story Homes – applying our expertise and passion to deliver only the very best - we care about you and your home. We believe that it takes more to make a house a home and that’s why GreenThumb and Story Homes’ goals go hand-in-hand. GreenThumb’s mission is to create wonderful lawns that beautify a property and Story Homes’ mission is to design and build quality homes; and we are very excited to be working together as leaders in our respective industries.

A Story Homes property gives you the ideal beginnings for a thriving lawn – which frames your house and is often one of the most enjoyed area around your home.

Teamwork makes everything better

Achieving a wonderful lawn requires a three-way partnership: Story Homes, GreenThumb and You.

What can you do to get the best from your lawn? Here's some tips and advice:

  • Keep off your new grass for the first four to six weeks, giving it time to settle and create a strong root system – even small feet and paws can make a dent
  • We recommend regular mowing from late March until early October to maintain the grass at 25 - 50mm high. Adjust your mower’s height to avoid scalping the grass
  • Aeration is highly recommended – talk to us about this service. It improves drainage and aerates the surface topsoil to encourage root development and rhizome growth, thus helping to achieve a healthy sward
  • Protect your lawn from traffic in very wet weather, and when the ground is frozen or covered in snow
  • Remove objects from the grass after use
  • Newly laid turf should be watered daily. It’s best to do this during the coolest part of the day. Water the lawn thoroughly in dry periods. As a guide, you should water the lawn if there has been no rain for 5 days. During periods of warmer weather, water it more frequently. If lawns turn brown and dry during summer, they usually recover when the rain returns. Do not rely on natural rainfall to water the entire area of the lawn as areas sheltered from the prevailing wind could remain dry after rainfall
  • Lawns benefit from regular feeding. We have a number of programmes that provide your lawn with the best nutrients, along with targeted herbicide sprays to control weeds. We can also treat the lawn for pests and diseases as required. Contact your local branch to find out more

Lawn Education - tips for your turf

Here’s some helpful tips and information to keep your lawn looking beautiful by clicking on the following links:

Watering / Cutting / Pests / Weeds / Other FAQs

Your Next Step

To take advantage of our bespoke lawncare offer - exclusive to Story Home customers - simply contact us today, and don't forget to quote 'Story Homes'